Extended Arrangements

Extended dates with me allows us the opportunity to get to know each other better while spending much needed quality time enjoying each other's company.  I love building rapports with my clients indoors or turning heads while painting the town red (or both).  We can travel anywhere together or meet each other in beautiful Las Vegas.  Fly Me To You! I LOVE traveling :)  I can't wait to plan our extended date!


1 day (24 hours)       $8,000

2 days                      $11,000

3 days                      $15,000

4 days                      $18,000

5 days                      $20,000


*Fly Me To You for a date 6 hours or longer.  I am passport ready!  These types of dates require a deposit with flight/hotel taken care of by you.


Please send me an email or fill out my Secure Booking & Screening Form when scheduling time together.  Thank you!